Nutrition and Health Research

Our commitment: Lead the industry in nutrition and health research and apply findings to improve the lives of people of all ages and health conditions


By 2016 – Expand the Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ Early Childhood Nutrition Program to other communities across the country.

By 2016 – Develop and apply new technologies that support our work to reduce nutrients of public health concern such as sodium, sugar and saturated fat, in line with our policies on their reduction.

Our progress

Nestlé has the world’s largest private food and nutrition research and development network in the industry— rapidly innovating conventional and medical foods, beverages and services to meet nutrition, health and wellness needs. We have 40 Research and Development Centers, and Product Technology Centers, around the world. Nestlé Product Technology Centers develop innovative technologies and manufacturing processes that are the basis of new product development, and we apply these technologies in our operations.

In 2015, we invested $1.7 billion globally in research and development, predominantly for food and beverage businesses, and filed 292 patents, 61 of which were filed here in the U.S. Our R&D centers across the United States are helping Nestlé respond to the growing diversity and nuances of food preferences, and guiding our progress toward delivering better nutrition for current and future generations.

We’re committed to applying our research findings to make a positive difference in society in a variety of ways:

  • In 2015, we continued to build on our obesity prevention work through the Start Healthy, Stay Healthy Early Childhood Nutrition Program
  • Nestlé Purina’s cutting-edge research and development is driving innovation that improves the lives of pets.
  • The Nestlé Skin Health Investigation, Education and Longevity Development (SHIELD) network of innovation hubs provides a platform to engage with healthcare professionals from the fields of dermatology, general medicine, aging, nursing and technology.

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