The Nestlé Nutrition Institute

What is the Nestlé Nutrition Institute?

The Nestlé Nutrition Institute is a multi-disciplinary, educational organization dedicated to the science of health nutrition for people of all ages. The Institute provides information, guidance, and support to bridge the latest scientific discoveries and their application to achieving optimal nutrition.

Since Henri Nestlé developed Farine Lactée, the first special food for infants in 1867, Nestlé has gained vast experience through its scientific research into the nutritional needs and food preferences of consumers of all ages.

Quality is the cornerstone of the success of Nestlé. Nestlé employs the expertise of biologists, biochemists, immunologists, nutritionists, chemists, physicists, food technologists and other professionals in 18 research and development centers on five continents. Today, Nestlé S.A. is the world's largest and most diversified food company, with over 500 factories around the globe producing healthy, enjoyable food products for every stage of life.

What is the Nestlé Research Center?

The Nestlé Research Center (NRC) in Lausanne, Switzerland is the world's largest private facility for fundamental research on food and nutrition and their link with health. It enjoys a longstanding reputation for scientific excellence due to the high caliber of its personnel, ground-breaking work and proliferate publication of scientific papers.

What is the Nestlé Nutritional Compass?

Nestlé packages feature a Nutritional Compass™ that helps consumers make informed food and beverage choices.

More Nutritional Initiatives

  • As part of Nestlé's global nutrition efforts, a formal product assessment process has been implemented to identify nutritional strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Known as “60/40+" , this process requires Nestlé marketing teams to aggressively look for opportunities to enhance the nutritional quality of products.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that trans fat amounts be listed on virtually all food labels. Prior to the 2006 FDA labeling requirements, over 90% of all Nestlé USA retail products contained no trans fat. For those few products that did, Nestlé product teams have undertaken intensive research and development efforts to replace or reduce trans fats without compromising the taste, quality and nutrition of our products.