Providing more choices

Our commitment: Provide choices to meet consumers’ evolving expectations of foods and beverages


By 2016 – Expand the number of organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free choices across our most popular categories and brands.

Our progress

More and more, our consumers’ tastes and preferences are changing, as is what they define as relevant. We are on a journey to evolve with consumer preferences and offer greater choice, just as we have throughout our global company’s 150-year history. We are developing new recipes and updating existing ones across our entire portfolio to simplify ingredient lists while maintaining the same great tastes consumers have grown to love.

Innovations in 2015 brought to market products with a range of features our consumers are looking for, including gluten-free and made with organic ingredients, and the removal of artificial flavors. We have also removed artificial colors, adding colors from natural sources when coloring is needed. These renovations come from some of our most popular brands, including the removal of artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources from the entire chocolate confections portfolio and the majority of the NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE® line. We also removed artificial flavors from our entire line of frozen pizza and snacks, which includes iconic brands like TOMBSTONE® pizza and DIGIORNO® pizza. The LEAN CUISINE® brand introduced various recipes that feature no GMO ingredients, no preservatives, organic ingredients, whole grains, vegetables, and high protein.

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