Responsible advertising and marketing

Our commitment: Ensure responsible marketing communication to children


By 2015 – Implement a strengthened policy on Marketing Communication to Children.

By 2015 – In support of the implementation of the Nestlé Marketing Communication to Children Policy, roll out targeted training for our marketing teams in the U.S.

Our progress

Globally, Nestlé has ensured compliance with responsible advertising and marketing standards for children since establishing our Corporate Communication Principles in 2002 and introducing the Policy on Marketing Communication to Children in 2008. Our global Policy on Marketing Communication to Children, in place since 2008, bans marketing to children under age six.

Starting December 2015, marketing communication directed to children 6 to 12 years of age can only be for products that meet Nestlé Nutritional Foundation status. We do not direct any marketing communication for biscuits, sugar confectionery and chocolate confectionery products to children. The media channels covered by this policy include television, radio, print, cinema, digital media, mobile, games, consumer relationship marketing, viral marketing, apps, emails/SMS, Nestlé-owned websites, movie tie-ins, promotions, contests, product sponsorship, events and sampling. With the new policy we developed a qualitative set of criteria to define the ‘appeal’ of marketing communications to children under 12.

In the U.S., we abide by our pledge to the Better Business Bureau’s Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (CFBAI). The CFBAI pledge restricts all product advertising in schools and product placement in media directed to children.

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