Access and conservation

Our commitment: Raise awareness of water access and conservation


By 2017 – Continue to support two watershed improvement projects per year through 2017.

By 2018 – Implement Healthy Waterways collective action to improve watersheds and mitigate water risks at our bottled water facilities.

Our progress

We continue to work with expert partners to improve watersheds and water conservation efforts. Our work in the United States includes membership in the California Water Action Collaborative (CWAC), a forum for collaboration among those who depend directly on healthy watersheds, including a diverse group of food and beverage companies, their suppliers, conservation groups, and others. The group is focused on improving water security for people, business, agriculture and nature in the state. CWAC held a face-to-face meeting in March 2015 that resulted in the formation of working groups to address returning water to the system and social capital. The working groups are meeting regularly and have identified projects for joint action to support a sustainable California water supply.

See our infographic to learn five ways we’re conserving water in California.