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Lean Cuisine®

LEAN CUISINE® makes it easy to eat well. All of our dishes offer great-tasting recipes made with the highest quality ingredients. Plus, with LEAN CUISINE, you have a convenient and nutritious meal that can be ready in minutes.

At LEAN CUISINE®, we know that great tasting food is your number one priority. So we challenge our chefs to create dishes that deliver both great taste and nutritional value. Creations such as Salmon with Basil prove our chefs have succeeded.

Our portion-controlled entrées offer six product lines containing everything from Asian-inspired meals to vegetarian dishes to classic comfort foods. SPA CUISINE™ entrées from LEAN CUISINE feature the delicious combination of 100% whole grains and vegetables. New varieties include Apple Cranberry Chicken, Roasted Honey Chicken, and Thai Style Noodles with Chicken and five new recipes, in addition to eight other great-tasting varieties.

LEAN CUISINE® is also a member of the Produce for Better Health Foundation and a proud supporter of the Fruits & Veggies – More Matters® initiative. The brand represents a national health initiative aimed at helping consumers to easily incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their daily meals for better health.

Check out our Fitness & Meal Planner and "The Inspiration Path", a place for those touched by breast cancer to come together and share messages of encouragement. Choose from hundreds of predefined meal plans, create your own nutritious menu or browse recipes, ethnic and convenience foods.

Do Something Good for Yourself® with LEAN CUISINE®.

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