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Berta Cruz Corominas

Marketing Manager, NESCAFÉ Clásico


It is with this passion that Berta leads her cross-functional teams and brand managers – working together to identify key insights with the objective of true consumer engagement. As the Marketing Manager for NESCAFÉ Clásico, Berta Cruz and her team build brand equity to drive results for both the NESCAFÉ brand and the company.

Berta got her start at Nestlé in the Coffee Division within Nestlé Spain 10 years ago. After working on different coffee businesses within Nestlé’s portfolio and launching NESCAFE Dolce Gusto in Spain, Berta had the opportunity to join the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Global Business Unit in Vevey as a Marketing Advisor for Zone Americas and Zone Europe. What was supposed to be a one-year assignment turned into a five-year adventure for Berta as she was promoted to Machines Manager for the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto business – defining the machines strategy and development for all markets. As her first expat assignment, this was an incredible journey and experience, both professionally and personally, that has influenced who she is today.

In 2013, Berta moved to the U.S. market where she accepted the job of Marketing Manager for NESCAFÉ – working with best-in-class marketing teams to pioneer the latest in digital marketing and setting up a major celebrity partnership with Ricky Martin for the NESCAFE Clásico brand in the US. Today she has the opportunity to continue to develop her passion for the brand and the teams she leads. She recognizes the potential in NESCAFÉ and is excited most by the brand itself – investing her energy, enthusiasm and vast experience to the U.S. business.

Through her journey, Berta has met incredible women leaders at Nestlé – women whom she admires because of the way they have chosen to lead. “Women have a different approach to life, to engagement and to business,” said Berta. “Women are different and this difference is a strength – bringing their own communication style, their empathy towards people, and their strategic thinking when embarking on a new adventure.”

Berta believes in adapting her leadership style to who she is interacting with, however she always leads with passion. Collaborating, engaging, and recognizing and rewarding good work are all key. It’s also important to share a true passion for the consumer. She is a strong believer in diversity and the value that diversity adds to Nestlé’s competitive place in the market. From her experience, Berta knows that diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity and values helps us better understand and address consumer needs.

Both Berta and her husband Marc Serin work in exciting and fast-paced careers with Nestlé, and it is through their partnership that they have found balance – feeling fulfilled with outstanding career achievements, but also with quality time at home with their two kids.

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