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9 Inspirational Women at Nestlé

One-hundred and fifty years ago, Nestlé’s founder, German-born pharmacist Henri Nestlé, might never have succeeded without the woman he worked most closely with: his wife, Clementine Therese Ehemant. Henri invented a milk-based infant cereal in 1867 to help a neighbor’s baby who was dying from malnutrition, but it was Clementine who took charge of marketing and selling it. She saw creating the formula as a personal maternal mission.

Women leaders are as critical as ever at Nestlé, and, today, our progressive parental leave policy and ongoing efforts to increase our percentage of women managers and senior leaders are just a few of the ways we’re committed to enhance gender balance at Nestlé.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear directly from 9 inspirational women at Nestlé on the best lessons they’ve learned in their careers, and their advice for young workers.


Molly Fogarty

Vice President, Government Relations & Public Affairs, Nestlé USA

Molly represents Nestlé to some of our most important partners –the nation’s elected officials and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). She thinks it’s been thrilling to watch women at Nestlé thrive into leadership positions.

Read more about what being a great leader means to Molly.


Berta Cruz Corominas

Marketing Manager, NESCAFÉ Clásico

The past 10 years have been a coffee-filled adventure for Berta, like working with best-in-class marketing teams and setting up a major celebrity partnership with Ricky Martin for the NESCAFE Clásico brand. “Women are different and this difference is a strength,” she says.

Read more about the women Berta admires.


Nikki Small

Human Resources Director, Nestlé Dreyer’s Field Operations

As a collaborative leader, Nikki knows firsthand that there’s no “i” in team. “We are better together; therefore, I actively listen and empower my teams to be autonomous and make decisions,” Nikki said.

Read more about why Nikki thinks gender-balanced and diverse teams are key to success.


Belén Montoya

Global Procurement Category Lead, Cocoa

A native of Spain, Belén studied industrial engineering in France before making the decision to move to the U.S. to pursue her MBA – which ultimately led to her role with Nestlé. She is a true believer in leading by example and always recognizing work well done.

Read more about the infinite opportunities Belén has to make an impact!


Laura Adams

Factory Manager, Salt Lake City, Utah

What started as an internship turned into a career rooted in a sincere love for Nestlé’s products, and one that has been a source of inspiration to those she’s empowered and mentored.

Read more about Laura's passion for supporting growth in individuals and developing people at all levels.


Elizabell Marquez

Marketing Director, Ready-to-Drink Beverages & Coffee, Nestlé USA

Elizabell’s work allows her to get inside the minds of diverse consumers to find and meet needs. And with a highly diverse consumer base to market to, she knows it’s critical to have a workforce representative of that.

Read more about why Elizabell believes in the power of a diverse workforce.


Kim Peddle-Rguem

Vice President of Marketing, Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Nestlé USA

Kim has a passion for the food industry, and loves the challenge of communicating our products’ benefits to the consumer. During her time at Nestlé the past 13 years, Kim has motivated, energized, and built outstanding teams of marketers.

Read more about how optimism and positivity are at the core of how Kim approaches work.


Mohini Joshi

Director of Marketing, Tombstone & Jack’s Growth Channels, Nestlé USA

Early in her career, Mohini described herself as shy and always focused on the task at hand. Now after being at Nestlé for almost 12 years, she serves as a mentor and coach to a number of women in Marketing, Sales and the Technical Applications Group, sharing the same guidance that was once provided to her.

Read more about how Mohini learns from the inspiring people around her.


Yvette Lamprecht

Corporate Controller, Nestlé USA

“I believe empowerment has to come from within yourself first before you can expect it from others,” Yvette says. “The key is to be yourself, be confident and do your job well – and others will want to empower you.”

Read more about how Yvette enjoys positively influencing change at work.