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Kim Peddle-Rguem

Vice President of Marketing, Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Nestlé USA


To role model behavior that younger women can look up to, to truly “live in the moment,” and to build lasting relationships – these are the traits that define Kim Peddle-Rguem, Vice President of Marketing for Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream (NDIC). And it is these traits that have shaped not only her career, but Kim’s ability to lead across multiple brands within Nestlé USA.



Graduating business school in 1997, Kim’s first professional role was in Marketing for a hair care brand. She then found her way to Nestlé in 2001 and quickly developed a passion for the food industry. “It’s such an emotional category and there are so many products that are good, it really takes great marketing to have consumers choose our brands over others. Thirteen years later, I still love it,” said Kim.

So much of Marketing’s responsibility is creating a compelling connection to the consumer and this is where Kim thrives – defining the growth path/trajectory for Nestlé’s brands, which ultimately lead to sustainable topline sales and market share growth.

As a senior leader in the company, Kim has motivated, energized and built outstanding teams of marketers during her time at Nestlé. In today’s marketplace, Kim understands that to connect with consumers our workforce must be reflective of them. “The more diverse the group of folks I’ve worked with, the better we’ve been able to think creatively about how to tackle business challenges.”

Whether she is leading the launch of an exciting new innovation or serving as “team mom” for her kids’ various sport activities, Kim is a true leader in every sense of the word. “I’m a big believer in positivity, optimism, and ideas. I go home each night staying true to who I am and feel confident I can hold my own in any environment."

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