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Laura Adams

Factory Manager, Salt Lake City, Utah


What started as an internship turned into a career rooted in a sincere love for Nestlé’s products, and one that has been a source of inspiration to those she’s empowered and mentored.

Laura began her career with Nestlé in 2002 as a summer intern, transitioning to a full-time Operations Management Trainee (OMT) in July 2003. Having held many supervisory positions within the factory setting, Laura is currently the Factory Manager at the Salt Lake City, Utah factory, where her team produces packaged ice cream for the high altitude regions of the United States.

It’s the people that excite Laura most about her job – and she has supported growth and development for people at all levels and career stages. Within her current role, Laura has had the opportunity to mentor several women within Nestlé’s Technical and Production group at various locations. Through mentoring, Laura encourages mentees to speak openly and honestly about their struggles, but also encourages them to think about future opportunities.

Laura’s leadership style is personal, casual and one that questions team members so they think through situations and develop their own potential solutions. In getting to know her employees, Laura learns what inspires them and works to support everyone in their own personal growth, as well as the growth of the team.

And to ensure success, Laura understands the importance of having diverse and gender balanced teams, “Men and women can bring different perspectives and different ways of working. Having a balance ensures there is a healthy challenge and support for all the different initiatives we are driving at a manufacturing facility,” said Laura.

As a happy mother of two daughters, when Laura isn’t leading the factory she is savoring her time with her little artists, singers or “princesses.” She also is a living example of Nestlé’s core values as an active participant in the Adopt-A-School program for students with Down Syndrome, supporting the leaders of our adopted schools as they work to teach future generations.

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