Mohini Joshi

Director of Marketing, Tombstone & Jack’s Growth Channels


It may be simple, but the expression, “never settle for good, always strive for great” speaks to the leadership of Mohini Joshi, Director of Marketing for Tombstone, Jack’s & Channels (Pizza & Snacking). Officially with Nestlé for almost 12 years, Mohini’s leadership has evolved throughout her career – a reflection of the amazing female mentors who continually challenged her to find her voice and pursue opportunities without the fear of failure – something that Mohini has taken to heart and pays forward with each team she now works with.

Early in her career, Mohini described herself as shy and always focused on the task at hand. Mohini now serves as a mentor and coach to a number of women in Marketing, Sales and the Technical Applications Group, sharing the same guidance that was once provided to her. “I try to be as transparent as possible and provide real time coaching/feedback,” said Mohini. “I take my energy and strive to make it contagious across my teams.”

“No day is ever the same,” said Mohini. “I work with an amazing group of people who inspire me with their passion and determination. I learn from them every day.” This is what is so exciting about her role. She has an opportunity to motivate and develop talent and in turn, become a better leader.

Not only does Mohini use her positive energy to lead professionally, but she recently began working on her certification as a barre3 instructor – an incredible and balanced workout that combines ballet technique, yoga and pilates based movements. Through her certification, she has the opportunity to help individuals dedicate time to themselves – challenge themselves physically, clear their mind and leave stronger than when they entered – all traits that show Mohini is a true leader, constantly looking for ways to help better those around her.

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