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Molly Fogarty

Vice President, Government Relations & Public Affairs, Nestlé USA


As head of government relations and public affairs for Nestlé in the U.S., Molly represents Nestlé to one of our most influential external audiences –the nation’s elected officials and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Relaying important information from these key stakeholders, Molly then translates that back to the Nestlé businesses – across seven operating companies – so that collectively Nestlé can understand the expectations set forth by our nation’s leaders.

Molly is passionate not only about leading through example, but also about fostering a work place that celebrates and embraces local cultures, perspectives and customs. As a consumer facing company, Molly truly believes that Nestlé benefits from a diverse workforce, helping us all to better understand our marketplace.

A key to her leadership is developing the professional growth and success of her whole team. “As a leader, I am a good listener and collaborator, skills that I think many leaders possess. But exercising those skills does not interfere with my ability to make deliberate, difficult and swift decisions,” said Molly. “We have created an environment that supports a successful path for women in leadership positions – and it’s thrilling to watch our women thrive.”

Much of Molly’s professional success crosses over into her personal passions as she sits on the board of five nonprofit organizations, three that support low-income families and another that focuses on gender equality. To Molly, this is the very essence of what Nestlé’s mantra of Good Food, Good Life is all about.

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