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Nestlé Health Science Launches GLP-1 Nutrition Support Platform

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Nestlé Health Science has launched, a platform that responds to consumer needs for nutritional solutions while on weight loss journeys.

People who are actively working to lose or maintain their weight can face nutritional challenges. Nestlé Health Science is supporting those consumers with a new, innovative web platform that provides comprehensive support for people on GLP-1 medications.

"The number of people on GLP-1 weight loss therapies is growing, and Nestlé Health Science is uniquely positioned to support their changing nutritional needs," stated Anna Mohl, Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Health Science. "We have brands and expertise across our portfolio to support needs that can include preserving lean muscle mass, managing digestive upset, supporting an adequate daily consumption of micronutrients, and more. Along with women's health and healthy aging, GLP-1 companion products are a key solution that we're focusing on." 

The site, which is aimed at U.S. consumers, offers holistic and personalized care for consumers across their entire diet with tailored products from brands including Garden of Life, Nature’s Bounty and Boost. Users also benefit from expertise from medical professionals in the weight loss fields, nutrition guidance and coaching, and a community platform.

The products, resources, and tools are provided across different categories, including muscle preservation, gut health, micronutrient intake, hydration, skin and hair health, and weight rebound control. These categories address crucial aspects of weight management for individuals using GLP-1 medications.

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