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Yvette Lamprecht

Corporate Controller, Nestlé USA


Never settle for the status quo and always challenge yourself and your team by asking: “How can we get better?” This is the philosophy of Yvette Lamprecht, Corporate Controller at Nestlé USA. Yvette believes that leaders do not succeed on their own, but are only as strong as the people they surround themselves with – a true testament to her collaborative and direct leadership style.

At Nestlé USA for eight years, Yvette is responsible for all external financial reporting, maintaining the integrity of the financial statements for Nestlé Holdings, Inc. and ensuring compliance with Nestlé Accounting Standards. With an extensive financial background, Yvette has held key positions in the technology, manufacturing, retail and entertainment industries, all of which carved the path that led her to Nestlé, a place that excites her each day.

“Nestlé USA is constantly changing and growing, giving me the opportunity to play a role in positively influencing these changes,” says Yvette. Not only does she fuel her passion for positive improvement in her day-to-day job, but she also finds the exposure to so many different cultures and points of view to be a huge influence on her own improvement and development as a leader. “Nestlé lets me be me. I have never been asked to change to fit a mold and that’s because Nestlé embraces different ways of working and a variety of ideas.”

On empowering women, Yvette says, “I believe empowerment has to come from within yourself first before you can expect it from others. The key is to be yourself, be confident and do your job well – and others will want to empower you.”

Yvette’s biggest passion is travel, and working at Nestlé has given her the opportunity to travel extensively, including India and China.

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