Nutrition Information

Our Commitment: Apply and Explain Nutrition Information on Packs at Point of Sale and Online


By 2017 - Expand Facts Up Front or Clear on Calories labeling to include all relevant products.

By 2017 - Enable consumers to make informed choices by implementing a digital disclosure platform in our food and beverage portfolio.

Nestlé has made a continuous effort to improve our product labels to meet consumers’ desire to know key ingredients and where their food comes from, as well as accommodate changing consumer preferences. In late 2015, Nestlé joined with 30 industry peers and the Grocery Manufacturers Association to participate in SmartLabel™ , a labeling initiative aimed at providing consumers—via their smartphones—instant access to detailed information on thousands of products. We believe that this next generation of improved labeling will allow companies such as Nestlé to share important information on ingredients, sourcing, allergens, farm animal welfare, and sustainability attributes. Nestlé will begin to implement SmartLabel across select brands in 2017 and across our food and beverage portfolio in 2018. We will explore additional ways technology can be a tool for transparency.

Additionally, Nestlé has adopted the Facts Up Front labeling system to provide a consistent and simple guide to nutrition information on the front of food and beverage packaging. By the end of 2016, Nestlé added the Facts Up Front label to 93% of applicable products and is on track to hit 100% in 2017.

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