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Foster Healthy Behaviors in Children

Our commitment: Empower Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers to Foster Healthy Behaviors in Children


By 2017 - Institute a structured intern program to provide mentorship to nutrition and dietetics students.

By 2017 - Expand Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives to reach 200,000 students.

Achieved in 2016:

  • We wrapped up our partnership with the University of Alabama at the Birmingham School of Health Professionals and the Woodlawn Foundation, training more than 200 parents, caregivers, and students about early childhood nutrition
  • Our partnership in Newark, New Jersey, continued with Rutgers University–Newark and Program for Parents, Inc., through which more than 100 Newark families completed the program in 2016.

Nestlé also works with its partners to include an evaluation component, such as to measure change in participant knowledge. Based on learnings from implementing the program, the classes were brought to teen parents at a local Newark high school where there was an identified need. In addition to the nutrition education classes held at high schools, daycares, churches, and local summits, these programs also incorporated public speaking training so that community members would feel more comfortable when sharing what they learned with their peers.

Gerber continues the Early Childhood Nutrition Education program in an effort to tackle childhood obesity rates in local communities by teaching parents and caregivers of young children simple ways to improve the diets of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The program covers topics including the importance of breastfeeding, hunger and fullness cues, introduction to solids, transitioning to table foods, healthy snacking, and feeding the fussy toddler. The program partners with academic institutions and community organizations to provide peer-reviewed curriculum and training for local residents who can then educate others in their community.

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Nestlé Nutritional Profiling System

Notes: The Nestlé Nutritional Foundation criteria are based on nutrition science and public health dietary recommendations, such as those of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Institute of Medicine and other global or U.S. authorities, such as the Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. Our products are evaluated against these criteria, using the Nestlé Nutritional Profiling System, which determines their nutritional value and whether they achieve the Nestlé Nutritional Foundation status.