Simplifying our Ingredients

Our commitment: Simplify our ingredient lists and remove artificial colors


By 2016 – Expand the number of organic, no GMO, and gluten-free choices across our most popular product categories and brands.

Our progress

More and more, our consumers’ tastes and preferences are changing. As our journey continues to evolve along with consumer preferences, we are developing new recipes and updating existing ones across our entire portfolio. With a focus on simplifying ingredient lists while maintaining the same great tastes consumers love, we are innovating products and updating recipes across the U.S. food and beverage portfolio. We’re adding more offerings with benefits our consumers are looking for such as organic ingredients, no GMO ingredients, gluten-free, high protein, more real fruit, and more vegetables. We continue to remove artificial flavors and replace artificial colors with colors from natural sources across the full portfolio. These renovations and innovations are happening across most of our popular brands.

  • GERBER® transitioned all formulas under its GOOD START® brand to no GMO ingredients, and it is the only infant formula brand to include probiotics in all milk-based powder formulas.
  • Our STOUFFER’S® brand announced a commitment to simplify recipes, starting with STOUFFER’S® Lasagna with Meat and Sauce. We’re focused on using ingredients consumers know and recognize—meaning we’ve removed carrageenan, bleached white flour, dextrose, and autolyzed yeast.
  • Our popular LEAN CUISINE® brand continues to offer more choices to cater to consumers’ individual needs, such as high protein, made with organic ingredients, gluten-free, and more vegetables.
  • We have added more real fruit and fruit juices, along with reducing sugar by an average of 11% in select OUTSHINE® products.
  • Our popular BUITONI® brand, known for its freshly made refrigerated pasta and sauces already made without artificial colors or flavors, moved to no GMO ingredients, the first national brand in the refrigerated pasta category to do so.
  • We relaunched our COFFEE-MATE® natural bliss® portfolio with no GMO ingredients, as well as milk and cream from cows not treated with rBST.
  • We introduced BOOST® SIMPLYCOMPLETE® nutritional drinks. SimplyComplete delivers balanced nutrition with only nine ingredients, plus a blend of 25 vitamins and minerals and no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

All of these changes are part of our ongoing effort to continue to offer products consumers and families trust and enjoy. We continue our journey to evolve with consumers’ preferences and offer greater choice, while maintaining or improving taste recipe by recipe.

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