Training and education

Our commitment: Provide training on Corporate Business Principles, Nutrition, and Environmental Sustainability.


By 2016 – All new employees will receive Nutrition Quotient training.

By 2017 – Nestlé Corporate Business Principles are fully embedded in e-learning courses made available to all employees.

Our Progress

As a leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company, we care about our own people and we aim to provide training and education that has a positive influence on their day-to- day activities. We begin by building Creating Shared Value into our management training to maximize capability and understanding at leadership levels. We provide engaging nutrition training that is based on the most up-to- date public health priorities, called Nutrition Quotient (NQ), to all Nestlé employees – regardless of their worksite and working conditions. Our aim is to help our people make informed decisions about their own nutrition, the nutrition of their family and, if it is their role, the nutrition of consumers.