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Helping Our Communities Thrive

Unlocking the Power of Food to Enhance Lives
Nestle Cares Volunteers

At Nestlé, good food is what we do best. We want to bring you high quality, delicious products you’ll love, while also being a force for good.  

We’re part of a community, and all around the world the way we can support our communities is different. In the United States, we believe in meeting our communities where they need us the most. Our community outreach starts with our employees, who are at the heart of our efforts to reach out to those experiencing food insecurity, to improve their wellbeing and support greater access to essential foods. Our teams are also driving innovation in functional nutrition: the ways that we can harness the power of food to improve health and wellbeing.  

Here’s some of the work we’re doing to create meaningful change through the power of food.

Improving Access to Nutrition 

Feeding America reports that in the United States, 1 in 8 people face hunger.  To help address this, we partner with Feeding America through their network of foodbanks across the United States, as well as with other local foodbanks in our home communities. So far in 2022, we’ve donated the equivalent of 7.4 million meals.   

7 million meals

Through our Nestlé Cares program, our employees volunteer in local communities to give back in the places we call home. From packing meals at foodbanks, to delivering food alongside Meals on Wheels, to taking part in activities that support pollinator habitats - we're working on the ground to improve lives. During our Nestlé Cares Week of Service in August 2022, more than 2,000 employee volunteers took part in over 125 community projects spanning 25 states. Our work extends beyond one week of events, but we’re proud to see the engagement of our volunteers and the passion across the Nestlé community for supporting better access to nutrition. 

Supporting Parents and Caregivers  

This has been a challenging year for parents and caregivers, as the U.S. faces a formula shortage that has threatened access to nutrition for many children across the country.  

We’ve worked with the Biden Administration to address the formula shortage and help meet demand through Operation Fly Formula.  Including completed and planned shipments, these efforts will help to add more than 1.7 million cans of formula, equivalent to approximately 42 million 8-ounce bottles, into the U.S. market supply for babies. 

While a small player in the market, we will continue to do our part to help. We have significantly increased the amount of our formulas available to consumers by ramping up production and accelerating general product availability to retailers and online, as well as through hospitals and home health care for those most vulnerable.   

Personalized Nutrition 

Food can impact our mood, the way our bodies heal, how we sleep, and our energy level day-to-day. Unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life is at the center of our work, and our innovative teams at Nestlé Health Science are at the forefront of those efforts. From foods that support healthier gut bacteria, to understanding how brain health is impacted by the foods we consume – this work has the potential to make a real difference in communities around the world.  

Ultimately, our purpose is to be a force for good and to leave the world better than we found it. Through the power of food, we’re excited to be exploring new ways to reach our communities and make real change. We’re proud of the work we’ve done so far, and we’re excited to continue exploring new ways to meet our communities where they need us most.