Water treatment

Our commitment: Treat the water we discharge effectively


By 2016 – Implement the new Nestlé Environmental Requirements for water quality and effluent discharge in all factories.

Our progress

Nestlé maintains a comprehensive approach to water quality and effluents, including responsible water treatment, strict quality targets, monitoring and infrastructure investment. We have strengthened our Nestlé Environmental Requirements for water quality and effluent discharge, applied by our factories to meet rigorous standards that go beyond legal requirements. Our investment of $19.9 million in 2015 went toward improved efficiency, water conservation measures, new and upgraded treatment facilities and technologies, and strengthened water quality requirements for effluent treatment. We monitor water quality and effluents on a monthly basis, analyzing long-term trends and identifying improvements and opportunities.

Since 2010, our water discharge per ton of product has fallen by 12%. In 2015, Nestlé S.A. received a leadership level CDP score of A- for our best-practice approach to managing water and mitigating risk.