Safety and health

Our commitment: Ensure all Nestlé employees are covered by a certified Safety and Health Management system


By 2016 – Ensure that robust safety and health management systems are in place and certified to OHSAS 18001: 2007, covering all Nestlé employee populations so there is a uniform level of safety and health protection across all businesses.

Our Progress

All industries must deal with inherent hazards and dangers. At Nestlé, the significance of these hazards is increased by the scale of our global operations. While we are already among the leaders in safety & health in our industry, our aim is to strive for true excellence, with the ultimate goal of zero injuries and work-related illnesses. This ambitious goal, which is fully aligned with our Corporate Business Principles, is supported by various programs and initiatives set out in our Safety & Health Roadmap. One of our most important initiatives is to expand the scope of our safety & health program beyond our manufacturing and distribution activities, to include our colleagues working in R&D, sales and office-based functions.