Climate Change Leadership

Our commitment: Provide climate change leadership


By 2016 – Develop an energy plan for each Nestlé operating facility in the United States that takes advantage of renewable energy where possible and encourages utilities where we operate to migrate to a low-carbon energy mix.

Our progress

With the world’s atmosphere containing the highest level of carbon dioxide levels since the Industrial Revolution, the resulting changes in climate may threaten global food security in general, and our business in particular. We know that we have to be innovative to adapt to the effects of climate change now and in the future. We also recognize our responsibility to mitigate its advance, by reducing our own impact and raising our voice to advocate for broader change. In the United States, Nestlé has reduced direct GHG emissions per ton of product by 9% since 2011, with indirect emissions reduced by 6% per ton of product during the same timeframe. We have joined other leaders in acknowledging the risks of climate change and carbon pollution from power plants, as well as the economic benefits associated with improved energy efficiency and investments in renewable energy. And taking one step further, Nestlé S.A. has committed to promote transparency and long-term engagement in climate policy.

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