HOT POCKETS® Brand Sandwiches Updates Consumers on Commitment to Food Quality

The recent meat recall from Rancho Feeding Corporation deeply troubled all of us at Hot Pockets® because we did not live up to ours or our consumers’ expectations for the quality of our products. Our consumers deserve better. So, we’ve made changes to enhance our practices and show we are committed to making things right: 
Enhancing Hot Pockets Philly Steak and Cheese using only 100 percent USDA Inspected Angus beef
We are immediately transitioning all HOT POCKETS Philly Steak and Cheese products to be made only with 100% USDA Inspected Angus beef. This means we will continue to deliver a great product to our consumers, while simplifying our supply chain and improving the traceability of our beef.
Holding our suppliers accountable to Nestlé’s Supplier Code of Conduct
We have taken steps to reinforce Nestlé’s Supplier Code of Conduct to help ensure our suppliers clearly understand and adhere to the principles and values that we expect of them, and that our consumers expect of us. These rigorous standards stipulate that our suppliers, their employees, agents and subcontractors respect and adhere to them at all times when conducting business.
Holding ourselves accountable for every ingredient we source and serve
As a member of the Nestlé family, we are retraining members of our team on our Responsible Sourcing Guidelines ensuring a special focus on Our Commitment on Farm Animal Welfare.

Nestlé has a longstanding history of quality and was recently ranked No. 1 in its efforts to improve food security and sustainability by Oxfam. At HOT POCKETS, we take that recognition seriously. We are committed to regaining the trust and loyalty of our consumers by continuously focusing on the quality of our ingredients and the products we make.

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