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At Nestlé, we’re working to help ensure thriving, resilient communities today and for generations to come. Our connection to communities across the U.S. reflects this commitment, with activities ranging from employee volunteerism to neighborhood-based partnerships to employability programs.

Our efforts are focused across three primary pillars: Connecting with Our Communities through our Nestlé Cares program, reducing food insecurity by Increasing Access to Food, and enhancing the workforce by Empowering the Next Generation.

Connecting with Our Communities

Through our Nestlé Cares program, our employees volunteer in local communities to give back to causes with which they have a personal connection. From packing meals at foodbanks, to constructing community farms, to supporting pollinator habitats - we're working on the ground to improve lives. Nestlé actively facilitates employee engagement by matching employees with opportunities that align with their interests and providing matching grants to charities where eligible employees volunteer 20 or more hours per year.

Nestle Cares 2023 Video

Increasing Access to Food

Access to affordable, nutritious food is a top priority of Nestlé USA’s community engagement. Feeding America reports that nearly 34 million individuals in the United States are food insecure and lack access to enough food for an active, healthy life. As the world’s largest food company, we believe we can use our scale to help tackle this issue in our local communities across the U.S.

To do this, we donate food and funding to Feeding America and its network of foodbanks across the United States. We partner with Feeding America as well as local charities to support community farms, food entrepreneurship, nutrition education, and sustainable food systems. This includes facilitating “skills-based” employee engagement as well as large-scale group projects with charities mobilizing their communities to advance economic opportunity.

Empowering the Next Generation

Employability is a key ingredient of social development, especially for the next generation. Currently, the U.S. is experiencing high levels of job vacancies and skill gaps in key areas such as manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing. As demand for diverse suppliers increases, fewer young people are choosing farming as a career – leaving us with an aging supply chain, lacking diversity. However, younger generations are interested in entrepreneurship, with some studies reporting that Gen Z are 55% more likely to want to start a business than millennials.

We created Nestlé needs YOU to help ensure thriving, resilient communities for future generations. The initiative focuses on upskilling and expanding access to career resources for next generation talent—regardless of their field or level of experience—in three key pillars: employability, entrepreneurship and agripreneurship.

Our ambition is to impact more than half a million next generation talent in the U.S. by 2025.