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Supporting The National Urban League’s Efforts to End Racial Discrimination

We have watched as the pain of racial injustice and inequity reached a boiling point in communities across our country. Black lives matter. They matter to us inside of Nestlé and they matter to us outside of Nestlé. Many of our colleagues have reached out to express frustration, fear and sadness as we begin to determine where to go from here.

Our work to build an inclusive culture at work and in our communities is never done. That’s why we’re donating $500,000 to the National Urban League – a leading community-based organization dedicated to ending racial discrimination.

The National Urban League is a historic civil rights organization dedicated to economic empowerment, equality, and social justice. The League promotes economic empowerment through education and job training, housing and community development, workforce development, entrepreneurship, health, and quality of life.

If you’d also like to support The League, you can donate here.

There’s still more to be done. Over the coming weeks and months, Nestlé will host employee forums on race, learning and development sessions on inclusivity and allyship, and outside speaker events on these topics. In 2020 we marked Juneteenth (June 19) with thoughtful employee-led discussion and education, laying a foundation for continued dialogue throughout the year. From 2021, we will mark this day of reflection as a company holiday.

A Message to Our Employees

On Monday, June 1 our Executive Leadership Team shared the below message of solidarity that reinforced our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive culture at Nestlé USA.

Our Commitment to Building an Inclusive and Diverse Culture

We watched this past week with sadness and anger as yet another senseless act of racism led to tragedy that further tears into the fabric of our communities. This happens even as our country continues to reel from the pandemic and deep economic pain.

We know that for every overt act of discrimination, there are countless quiet actions - conscious and unconscious - that occur every day that marginalize our friends, neighbors and colleagues.

As the leaders of this organization, this cannot stand. Nestlé is built in part on the principle that a diverse and inclusive culture is the foundation of our strength. Our people make Nestlé great no matter what they look like, who they love or where they come from.

Many members of our Nestlé family are hurting right now. Consider reaching out to your colleagues to check in on them and offer your support. You can also help by joining an Employee Resource Group or by participating in one of their programs. And if you need to talk with someone, talk with your manager or make use of our Employee Assistance Program or other resources available.

The “good life” part of our corporate motto doesn’t mean a good life for some people. It means that we strive to work every day to help build a good life, a better life, for all people in the communities where we live and work around the world. We know that this work never stops. We are more determined today than ever to stay true to our commitment to build an inclusive organization that draws strength from our differences.

Executive Leadership Team

Mark Schneider

Daniel Jhung

Jim Coyne

Kevin Petrie

Molly Fogarty

Steve Presley

John Carmichael

Alicia Enciso

Detlef Krost

Bill Partyka

Judy Cascapera

Nelson Pena

Shan Collins

Rui Barbas

Frank Jimenez

Tony Matta

Giulio Gerardo

Dan Nugent