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Palm Oil & Deforestation

Nestlé recognizes that in order to achieve no deforestation we must work with all supply chain participants, from plantation owners, processors and suppliers all the way to the consumer. In 2009, we joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). In 2010, we partnered with The Forest Trust (TFT) to establish Responsible Sourcing Guidelines for palm oil (RSGs).

Our guidelines ask our suppliers to source oil from plantations that:

  1. Are legally compliant
  2. Respect the Free Prior and Informed Consent of local and indigenous communities
  3. Respect High Conservation Values (HCVs)
  4. Protect peat lands
  5. Protect High Carbon Stock Forests
  6. Respect all other RSPO Principles & Criteria

By making explicit provisions on the protection of peat lands and high carbon stock forests, which provide valuable carbon storage, we go beyond RSPO requirements to give more emphasis to the issue of deforestation, which is a leading cause of the loss of biodiversity and CO2 emissions. So far we are the only major food company to have taken such a step. For more information: