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Supporting Added Sugar Labeling

Nestlé supports FDA’s proposal to mandate the declaration of added sugars on the Nutrition Facts Panel. 


In 2014, Nestlé updated its global Policy on Sugars to strengthen our company’s commitment to continually reduce the level of sugars in our food and beverages, and to align with recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) on added sugars. 

Nestlé supports the WHO guideline that people should limit consumption of added sugars to no more than 10% of their daily calorie intake, and we are committed to helping consumers achieve this target. We support the Food and Drug Administration’s proposal to establish a Daily Reference Value of 10% for total energy intake from added sugars, and to mandate the declaration of added sugars as a percent of Daily Value on the Nutrition Facts Panel. The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Scientific Report recommends the same 10% daily limit. 

Nestlé believes in transparency to consumers and recognizes that consumers can’t easily monitor their added sugar intake unless they can find this information on food labels, which enables them to compare products and make informed decisions. 

We’re encouraged to see these efforts to empower American consumers with information to make better food choices and choose a healthy, nutritionally adequate diet.