4 Ways Nestlé is Supporting Dads This Father’s Day

Whether you’re fishing, cooking breakfast, or wrapping a brightly-colored tie for your dad this Father’s Day, everybody has their own way of saying ‘I appreciate you!’ Here are four ways that we here at Nestlé are showing dads that we appreciate them, too:

Keeping it flexible

Work-life balance is a dad issue, too. At Nestlé, we’ve shifted our emphasis from presence to performance. We want our team to get great things done, and we don’t need to focus on when or where. We make flexitime, part-time options, and job sharing available so that no one has to choose between being a part of innovation at work or making it to carpool on time. When used well flexibility can help teams at Nestlé be more responsive, with coverage in off-hours from employees who are scheduling work in a way that works for their needs.

Thinking about the long-term

Flexibility is something that dads need for their family every day, but it’s also important in the long-run. In addition to being flexible on time and location for work, Nestlé is flexible on career pacing, allowing employees to take longer career breaks like sabbaticals when a little extra time away is necessary.

Recognizing every parent

In June 2015, we launched a global Working Parent Support Coalition that is estimated to be one of the most progressive programs of its kind in the industry. Effective this year, the new Nestlé Parent Support Policy offers 14 weeks of paid leave to moms or dads who are the primary caregiver for a new baby. The policy applies to Nestlé’s 51,000 employees in the U.S., including regular hourly workers.

Supporting all kinds of families

Our parental policies apply for birth, adoption, or foster care placement, because families of all shapes and sizes should get the support they need. As Judy Cascapera, Nestlé USA’s Chief People Officer, puts it, “the family unit looks differently than before. We’ve got to step it up.”

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