NESTLÉ® CRUNCH® Girl Scout Candy Bars

Jun 4, 2012
Dylan Lauren, daughter of fashion icon Ralph Lauren and owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar, received the first official delivery at her Flagship in New York City.

Limited Edition NESTLÉ® CRUNCH® Girl Scout Candy Bars Available Nationwide

They’re FINALLY here! After months of online rumors, consumer pleas, and rave reviews from, The Huffington Post, and Entertainment Weekly, and a historic Facebook pre-sale online program that sold out inventory in less than 24 hours, NESTLÉ® CRUNCH® Girl Scout Candy Bars have at last hit retail stores nationwide.

Available for a limited time only, the NESTLÉ CRUNCH Girl Scout Candy Bars, manufactured under a national license from Girl Scouts of the USA, are a sweet reinvention of the three most popular Girl Scout Cookie flavors:

 -- Thin Mints™ -- Dark chocolate cookie wafers and mint chocolate crème, topped with airy crispies and a rich, dark chocolatey coating

 -- Caramel & Coconut -- Cookie wafers layered with coconut caramel crème and chewy caramel topped with toasted coconut and drizzled with caramel stripes

 -- Peanut Butter Crème -- Cookie wafers layered with smooth roasted peanut butter crème, topped with airy crispies and a creamy, chocolatey coating

Two days before the June 1st nationwide retail launch, Dylan’s Candy Bar Flagship in New York City received the first official retail delivery of candy bars. Owner Dylan Lauren, daughter of fashion icon Ralph Lauren and author Ricky Lauren, was on hand to greet the enthusiastic candy bar seekers as a NESTLÉ CRUNCH delivery truck made the highly anticipated first stop in Manhattan.

“Dylan’s Candy Bar is thrilled to give fans the very first official store opportunity to purchase NESTLÉ CRUNCH Girl Scout Candy Bars,” said Lauren. She then unveiled a 45-ft window display at her signature candy store as she personally hosted the morning’s colorful celebration.

From New York to Los Angeles, the enthusiasm continues for NESTLÉ CRUNCH Girl Scout Candy Bars. One dedicated fan bid an astonishing $650 for the only first-edition set of three candy bars from the first production runs at an auction held at Galerie Michael in Beverly Hills. Certified by Heritage Auctions, the world’s largest collectibles auctioneer and third largest auction house, the set of candy bars were appraised at $500 – nearly 200 times the retail value of the bars, legitimizing NESTLÉ CRUNCH Girl Scout Candy Bars as the most valuable candy bars in the world.

The frenzy and passionate bidding continued, as fans started a bidding war over an original Renoir oil painting of the NESTLÉ CRUNCH Girl Scout Candy Bars. It was created by acclaimed French artist Alexandré Renoir, great-grandson of legendary Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. On hand to debut his artistic interpretation, Renoir revealed the original oil painting last night at a gallery in Beverly Hills. One-hundred percent of the NESTLÉ CRUNCH-themed auction proceeds will go towards the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles.

“We’ve seen no limit to the excitement for these irresistible treats that bring together the best of NESTLÉ CRUNCH and Girl Scout Cookies,” said spokesperson Tricia Bowles of Nestlé® USA Confections & Snacks. “Many thanks to our enthusiastic partners at Galerie Michael, Heritage Auctions, and to the wonderfully talented Alexandré Renoir.”