Nestlé Nesquik Sponsors "The Bubbleverse"

Jul 8, 2013
The Nesquik Bunny shows the joys of being a kid again in The Bubbleverse.

Nestlé Nesquik recently sponsored an elaborate, multi-sensory live experience dubbed "The Bubbleverse" in San Francisco's SoMa district. Open free to the public for two weekends (June 22-23 and 29-30), the experiential art installation was billed as "a cosmic portal into your childhood imagination."

The experience, created by installation artists George Zisiadis and Hillary Andujar, was based on a storyline of "creating happiness" in a laboratory. Visitors were greeted by "Happiness Scientists," asked to suit up as lab assistants (goggles, lab coat, gloves), learned about the process of "distilling happiness," and finally entered The Bubbleverse -- where they were surrounded by thousands of iridescent, "fog-filled" bubbles. (For a video with a sneak peek inside the experience, see The Bubbleverse Facebook page.)

During the learning phase, visitors were asked questions like what makes them happy, their first experiences with bubbles, and if they're fans of chocolate; and during the bubble-surround phase, a scent of chocolate was in the air.

The Nesquik Bunny is adding his happiest moment to the wall of happy memories after experiencing The Bubbleverse.
According to Zisiadis (who is also the Chief Happiness Scientist), Nesquik approached him after one of the brand's staff experienced one of his previous installations, looking to collaborate on "a similar type of engaging and inspiring art experience." Given Nesquik's brand attributes of fun, playfulness and happiness, bubbles seemed the perfect choice: "It's pretty hard not to be happy around bubbles," said Zisiadis.

This campaign is part of the Beverage Division’s Presence Marketing program to help build strong emotional connections with consumers in local markets.

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