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Nestlé 2011 Creating Shared Value Report

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New York, NY

Focus on nutrition, sustainability, and economic and community development in the company’s largest market

Nestlé in the United States today released its 2011 Creating Shared Value report detailing new accomplishments in the areas of nutrition, sustainable business practices, and economic and community development.

“Among the ways Nestlé creates shared value are by offering high-quality products, working to improve our environmental efficiency, providing stable jobs that contribute to our economic vitality, and remaining actively involved in our communities,” said Heidi Paul, vice president, Corporate Affairs, Nestlé Waters North America.

Creating Shared Value is Nestlé's fundamental business strategy based on the belief that for a business to prosper in the long-term, it must create value for society as well as for shareholders. In the United States, Nestlé’s largest market, the company creates value by providing quality products supported by an expertise in nutrition, health and wellness.

Nestlé in the United States consists of five main businesses: Nestlé USA, Nestlé Purina PetCare Company, Nestlé Waters North America, Nestlé Nutrition and Nestlé Professional. In 2011, its sales totaled $24 billion and the company now boasts seven billion-dollar brands in the United States. This year, Coffee-mate® joins Stouffer’s®, Lean Cuisine®, DiGiorno®, Nestlé® PureLife®, Gerber® and Friskies® as billion dollar brands.

Below are some highlights of the latest Nestlé in the United States’ annual Creating Shared Value report. To view the full report, please click here.

Good Food, Good Life: A Focus on Nutrition

  • In 2011, Nestlé began operations with Nestlé Health Science S.A. and the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences to pioneer science-based nutritional solutions with a focus on personalized healthcare. In May, the company acquired Prometheus Laboratories Inc., a leading U.S. gastrointestinal diagnostics company based in San Diego, CA.
  • Nestlé is committed to reducing sodium in many of its product lines. STOUFFER’S® is currently undergoing gradual recipe changes to decrease sodium by another 10 percent from earlier reductions without affecting taste.
  • New initiatives from brands such as Skinny Cow™, for example, offer a range of low-calorie candy snacks. Skinny Cow Confections deliver significantly lower levels of calories, total and saturated fat and added sugar than similar regular chocolate confections while still serving up satisfying portion sizes.

Creating Shared Value for Sustainable Business Practices

  • Nestlé in the United States has reduced water and energy use on a production volume basis in 2011. Some highlights include:
    • Nestlé Purina reduced annual water use by more than 46 million gallons.
    • Nestlé USA launched a Zero Waste to Landfill initiative. Total waste diverted from landfills to more beneficial uses - like animal feeding, composting and recycling - improved to 80 percent from 74 percent the prior year.
    • Nestlé Waters North America continued efforts to decrease greenhouse gas emissions; now down 38 percent since 2008.
    • The Laurel, MD ice cream facility has met the “ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry” and received recognition for achieving an 11.3 percent reduction in energy intensity.
    • Recovered wastewater from the Madison, FL Nestlé Pure Life factory is used to spray irrigate neighboring farm agricultural fields, potentially saving 55 million gallons of water from being withdrawn from the local aquifer.

Creating Shared Value in its Communities

  • Nestlé in the United States has partnered with the National Education Association to launch Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives based on MyPlate, the USDA’s new generation food icon. This program provides a variety of fun, easy-to-use instructional activities that teach K-3 students about nutrition and being healthy.
  • Nestlé Waters North America partnered with Keep America Beautiful® to launch Recycle-Bowl, the first nationwide recycling competition for elementary, middle and high school students.
  • AmeriCares recognized employees of Nestlé Waters North America for donating more than one million bottles of water to disaster survivors across the U.S. in 2011.

About Nestlé in the United States

Nestlé in the United States consists of five main businesses: Nestlé USA, Nestlé Purina PetCare Company, Nestlé Waters North America, Nestlé Nutrition and Nestlé Professional. Together, these companies operate in more than 120 locations in 47 states and employ over 51,000 people. The United States is Nestlé S.A.’s largest market with combined product sales in the United States totaling more than $24 billion in 2011.

Committed to becoming the very best Nutrition, Health and Wellness company, Nestlé in the United States provides nutritious, healthy food for every member of the family at every stage of life: infants and toddlers, families, athletes, mature adults/grandparents, and pets. Key brands include LEAN CUISINE®, STOUFFER’S®, DIGIORNO®, FRISKIES®, COFFEE-MATE®, NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE®, POWERBAR®, NESTLÉ® PURE LIFE®, POLAND SPRING®, GERBER®, and PURINA ONE®.

To learn more about Nestlé, including its commitment to the environment, please visit:, Nestlé, Nestlé, Nestlé, and Nestlé

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