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Beloved Peanuts® Characters Add Extra Sweetness to Nestlé Crunch

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New Nestlé Crunch® and PEANUTS Partnership

Nestlé® Crunch® announced an exclusive new partnership with the PEANUTS® collection of characters to bring the spirit of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the gang to its line of sweet treats. This marks the first time Nestlé Crunch and PEANUTS®have teamed up, bringing together these two iconic American brands that are beloved by fans everywhere.

America’s love of Nestlé Crunch and PEANUTS spans multiple generations. Last year Nestlé Crunch celebrated 75 years of delighting candy lovers, and fans have loved the PEANUTS characters for nearly 65 years, cementing their place among the most popular characters of all time.

As part of its partnership with Nestlé Crunch, the PEANUTS gang will be featured in limited edition products and packaging throughout the year, complete with festive colors and whimsical shapes that will appeal to moms stocking up for busy holiday seasons and special occasions. The new products will debut this Holiday season, and will be featured in multiple collections in 2015, including Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween. Nestlé Crunch will also be a promotional partner in a new PEANUTS movie from 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios scheduled for release November 2015.
“We’re absolutely delighted to announce our first-ever partnership with Nestlé Crunch,” said Carolann Dunn, executive director of hard goods at Peanuts Worldwide. “It’s a perfect fit for both of us, and the new products will bring the sweet joy of the PEANUTS characters and the delicious taste of Nestlé Crunch to millions of families.”

The Nestlé Crunch partnership with PEANUTS kicks off this month, with new Holiday products arriving at retail locations nationwide. Memorable PEANUTS scenes, including Charlie Brown’s tree and Snoopy’s decorated doghouse, will appear on limited edition candy packaging, including the festive holiday editions of the Nestlé Crunch 1 lb. Candy Bar and the Nestlé Crunch Bar Gift Cardholder. With nearly one in four adults buying candy as a gift during the holidays, the Nestlé Crunch partnership with PEANUTS will give holiday shoppers one-of-a-kind gift options to share with friends and family.
Loved by fans of all ages, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the PEANUTS gang have made an indelible mark on modern pop culture. This marks the kick off of the 50 years on television celebration of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas,’ which has become a holiday-viewing ritual for multiple generations of families everywhere.

“The Holiday season is the perfect time for Nestlé Crunch and PEANUTS to launch our new collaboration,” said Tricia Bowles, Nestlé USA Confections & Snacks. “Many of us grew up watching ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ with our families, and the PEANUTS collection combines two things that are favorites during the holiday season – Nestlé Crunch and Charlie Brown. We look forward to sharing these fun and whimsical new products with candy lovers everywhere.”

The Nestlé Crunch partnership with PEANUTS will launch with the following limited-edition Holiday products: 

  • Nestlé® Crunch® 1 lb. Candy Bar: Maintaining the classic Crunch taste with a PEANUTS flair, the Nestlé Crunch 1 lb. Candy Bar makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the chocolate lover in any family. (16 oz., MSRP: $9.99)
  • Nestlé® Crunch® Bar Gift Cardholder: Not only does a Nestlé Crunch bar make the perfect gift for any sweet tooth, but the Gift Cardholder Bar allows for a little something extra to make the holidays more memorable. (2.75 oz., MSRP: $1.99)
  •  Nestlé® Crunch®Jingles: Nothing says the holidays quite like Nestlé Crunch Jingles, and this year’s PEANUTS-themed packaging will surely inspire memories of classic PEANUTS caroling moments. (8-10 oz., MSRP: $2.99)
  • Nestlé® Crunch® Miniatures: Perfect for spreading holiday cheer, Nestlé Crunch Miniatures give everyone the chance to enjoy a piece of PEANUTS nostalgia. (10 oz., MSRP: $2.99)

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