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Blue Bottle Coffee commits to carbon neutrality by 2024

Blue Bottle Coffee
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Oakland, CA

Blue Bottle Coffee announced today its commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2024. This extends to the entire brand, in the United States and Asia, and from coffee and ingredient sourcing to guest-use and end-of-life greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for product and packaging. Blue Bottle will attain carbon neutrality for its GHG emissions first by reducing as much as possible - including through work with coffee producers to sustain and expand regenerative agricultural practices - then by supporting carbon removal and high-quality offsetting projects for unabated GHG emissions.

In 2022 the company will publish its accelerated roadmap to achieving carbon neutrality by 2024.

Today's announcement represents a significant next step towards the brand's long-term sustainability goals of leading the food service industry in the boldest, most comprehensive waste and GHG emissions reduction movement.

Blue Bottle Coffee Carbon Neutral

"Since our founding in 2002, sustainability has been a core value at Blue Bottle. Sustainability for us means caring for people and planet," said Karl Strovink, CEO of Blue Bottle Coffee. "We are steadfast in providing guests with the highest quality coffee and cafe experience without the need to compromise on our values."

In 2020, Blue Bottle held true to the commitment of compensating for the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with its e-commerce business on orders shipped throughout the United States.

This year, the company focused efforts to reduce GHG emissions across four key areas: coffee sourcing, electricity, dairy, and waste. The company also committed to help scale regenerative agriculture as part of its 2024 carbon neutrality target. Blue Bottle made a multi-year commitment to purchase the first available high-quality, registry-certified agricultural carbon credits. Produced by Carbon by Indigo, these credits support U.S. farmers transitioning from conventional practices toward more beneficial agriculture.

This next major milestone of carbon neutrality by 2024 will involve fundamental changes to Blue Bottle's business operations and partnerships with suppliers.

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