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Buitoni Introduces Line Of Vegetable-Infused Pastas

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From the chef innovators at its renowned Casa Buitoni culinary center in Italy’s beautiful Tuscany region, BUITONI introduces a new line of freshly made vegetable-infused ravioli. While colorful pasta has been around for years, BUITONI is the first national brand to use pieces of real vegetables, like sweet red pepper and spinach, to add color and flavor to its pasta. All-new BUITONI® freshly made ravioli infuses real vegetables into the dough for a vibrant, garden-fresh flavor, and adds fillings made with the finest ingredients, such as Grana Padano cheese, artichoke hearts, asparagus and seasoned chicken. Ready in minutes, BUITONI ravioli elevates everyday meals with a new way to brighten up flavor.

“We’ve always known how to create delectable flavors with our premium-quality pasta fillings tucked into fresh and tender pasta dough,” said Riccardo Landi, Chef from Casa Buitoni. “With this new line of freshly made pasta flavored with real vegetables, we’re able to create exceptional flavor combinations by matching premium ingredients in the filling to the vegetable-infused pasta. Each variety showcases the beloved, clean flavors of the vegetables within the pasta dough. We think these filled pastas are quite beautiful. No two are exactly alike,” continued Landi.

The Italian culinary team at Casa Buitoni developed this unique style of pasta dough by folding real vegetables into the dough to add flavor and visual appeal. Each variety of BUITONI vegetable-infused pasta can be found in the refrigerated section in the grocery store.

BUITONI offers three varieties of pasta made with real vegetables:

  • SPINACH & ARTICHOKE RAVIOLI is filled with a vibrant combination of spinach, artichoke hearts, creamy ricotta, and bold Parmesan cheese, and folds real spinach into the pasta itself, infusing bright flavor right into the dough.
  • SWEET BELL PEPPER & ROASTED CHICKEN RAVIOLI starts with the freshly made pasta, created with puréed sweet red pepper added directly into the dough for a rich combination of color and flavor. These ravioli are filled with a mixture of roasted red and yellow peppers, tender seasoned chicken, and a savory combination of Parmesan and Asiago cheeses.
  • THREE CHEESE & ASPARAGUS RAVIOLI is filled with a refined blend of ricotta, Grana Padano, and Parmesan cheeses, along with tender asparagus. The rich color of real spinach is brought into the pasta itself by mixing it right into the dough.

“Americans are looking for ways to incorporate vegetables into their meals in new and delicious ways,” said Erica Starrfield, BUITONI brand manager. “Our new line of vegetable-infused pastas bring exciting ‘vegetable innovation’ to a classic meal category.”

In addition to these vegetable-infused ravioli varieties, BUITONI offers a new CHICKEN & ROASTED GARLIC TORTELLONI, which folds garlic into the dough, adds filling of roasted chicken and a rich medley of Parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella chesses, before shaping the freshly-made pasta into classic tortelloni rings.

True to all BUITONI products, BUITONI freshly made pasta uses quality ingredients in every variety. Prepared with the same care and attention that authentic Italian chefs use in their kitchens, BUITONI pastas are created to be cooked easily and quickly at home by people of all culinary skill levels. 

BUITONI® vegetable-infused ravioli, as well as, the CHICKEN & ROASTED GARLIC TORTELLONI are now available at grocery stores nationwide in the refrigerated section, at a suggested retail price of $4.19 for the 9-ounce package and $7.29 for the family-size, 18-ounce and 20-ounce packages. For more information on BUITONI®, visit or follow @BuitoniUSA.

About Buitoni North America

Buitoni North America, the maker of BUITONI® refrigerated pastas, sauces and shredded cheese, is part of Nestlé USA. Nestle acquired BUITONI® in 1988 with the vision of applying its vast technical know-how to expand the range of BUITONI® products. Today, a wide variety of BUITONI® products are available throughout Europe and the United States. Many of the favored BUITONI® recipes were developed at Casa Buitoni in Italy where BUITONI® has been creating award-winning Italian foods for more than 175 years. For product news and information, visit

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