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Nestle is Reclaiming the Dinner Table

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Nestlé Nutrition Institute Sponsoring 2011 ADA Foundation Nutrition Symposium at FNCE

The advantages of eating meals together as a family have been illustrated in many areas of research. From improved life-long healthful eating habits, to physical and psychological benefits for children and teens (1), the benefits are undeniable. However, it can be challenging for today’s family to create balanced, nutritious meals that are enjoyed together. To explore this topic, Nestlé Nutrition Institute will bring together leading nutrition and family health experts at the 2011 American Dietetic Association Foundation Nutrition Symposium at the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) in San Diego, CA.

Reclaiming the Dinner Table

The symposium, entitled “The Family Meal: Reclaiming the Dinner Table,” will address this complex issue from a number of angles including social epidemiology, the history of dining together in the United States, and innovative culinary techniques and practices.

The session’s speakers include Adam Drewnowski, PhD, professor of Epidemiology at University of Washington and UWCOR director; Jayne Fulkerson, PhD, co-director at the Center for Child and Family Health Promotion Research and associate professor at University of Minnesota; Mary Sue Waisman, RD, leader in nutrition communication and cookbook author; and Alice Julier, PhD, associate professor and director of Food Studies at Chatham University. The symposium will be moderated by Carolyn O’Neill, MS, RD, LD and co-author of The Dish on Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous.

“At Nestlé, we’re dedicated to helping people improve their overall wellness,” said Chavanne Hanson, RD, Nestlé USA Wellness Champion. “That’s what we mean by ‘Good Food, Good Life,’ our corporate sentiment that defines our company.” The 2011 ADA Foundation Nutrition Symposium will take place Sunday, September 25, 2011 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Every attendee will receive a Family Meals Toolkit. The kit’s easy-to-use tools promote frequent, nutritious family dinners and includes meal planning strategies, dinner conversation starters, and “tweet-able tips” for dietitians to share with their clients.

Commitment to Decreasing Sodium

Nestlé has long supported and exhibited at FNCE. In fact, last year from the conference, Nestlé Prepared Foods Company announced their commitment to decrease sodium by another 10% by 2015. Average sodium levels for its flagship brands are now at the following levels: for STOUFFER’S®, the average sodium is now at 864mg (36% DV); LEAN CUISINE® has an average sodium level of 600mg (25% DV) and HOT POCKETS® and LEAN POCKETS® are now at an average 590mg (25% DV).

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle

To showcase progress in their many wellness initiatives, Nestlé will once again have a major presence at FNCE, at Booth #929, where guests can experience first-hand how a modern family can choose Nestlé foods to improve their family’s well-being. This year’s exhibit will uniquely communicate the foundation on which Nestlé has been built – - nutritious food for every member of the family at every stage of life, powered by nutritional science.

The exhibit is a visual demonstration of Nestlé’s commitment to creating a happier home by providing the most nutritious and innovative food, beverages and services. This open, inviting space will fully engage guests by featuring a number of interactive activities. Throughout the day, there will be a variety of TABLE TALKS at the central dinner table in which guests will be invited to have a seat at the large dinner table in the center of the booth. The "mom" of the busy, modern family who lives in the Nestlé home will greet guests and conduct each discussion as if she were having a dinner party. An inviting BREAKFAST BAR will create opportunities to sample and display multiple brands. A LUNCH NOOK with benches will create opportunities to sample and display multiple brands. A fully stocked, FREEZER with glass doors will display frozen brands.

Nestlé Dedication to Nutrition, Health and Wellness

As the world’s largest food and beverage company, Nestlé has a history of providing quality products supported by an expertise in nutrition, health and wellness. In fact, Nestlé is the biggest private funder of health and nutrition research globally. Nestlé is proud to continue their partnership with ADA to showcase the company’s commitment to offering Americans favorite dishes that deliver delicious taste and thoughtful nutrition in every bite.

About Nestlé USA

Named one of “The World’s Most Admired Food Companies” in Fortune magazine for fourteen consecutive years, Nestlé provides quality brands and products that bring flavor to life every day. From nutritious meals with Lean Cuisine® to baking traditions with Nestlé® Toll House®, Nestlé USA makes delicious, convenient, and nutritious food and beverage products that make good living possible. That’s what “Nestlé. Good Food, Good Life” is all about. Well-known Nestlé USA brands include: Nestlé® Toll House®, Nestlé® Nesquik®, Nestlé® Coffee-mate®, Stouffer’s®, Lean Cuisine®, HOT POCKETS® and LEAN POCKETS® brand sandwiches, Nescafé®, NESTLÉ® Juicy Juice®, Buitoni®, DREYER’S/EDY’S®, Nestlé® Crunch®, Nestlé® Butterfinger®, Wonka®, DIGIORNO®, TOMBSTONE® and CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN® frozen pizza. Nestlé USA, with 2010 sales of $10.4 billion, is part of Nestlé S.A. in Vevey, Switzerland — the world’s largest food company with a commitment to Nutrition, Health & Wellness — with 2010 sales of $105 billion.

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