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Recall: Häagen-Dazs® Chocolate Dark Chocolate Bars

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Glendale, Calif.

Nestlé USA is initiating a voluntary recall of 82 cases of Häagen-Dazs 3 fl. oz. Chocolate Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars. The affected products are identified by UPC Code 74570 02310, a Time Stamp which ranges from 27:11 through 27:26, followed by Batch Code of 6345580411D and a “Best By” Date of December 10, 2017.

The recall was initiated after Nestlé learned that Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Bars may have been mixed into the Chocolate Dark Chocolate cartons and therefore may pose a risk of undeclared almond allergen to sensitive consumers. The almonds are visible in the chocolate coating, but are not declared in the ingredient statement. While Nestlé believes it likely that only 15 cases contain the mismatched items, it is responsibly recalling 82 cases produced during the specific 15-minute time period in question.

For consumers not allergic to almonds, there is no safety issue with these ice cream bars. While the company has received no reports of illnesses associated with this product, people who are allergic to almonds could have a serious or life-threatening reaction if they consume this item.

The ice cream was produced on December 10, 2016 and distributed to East Coast locations including Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Nestlé’s detailed product trace records allowed its sales personnel, working over the weekend, to begin to quickly locate and remove affected items from sale. No other production dates, sizes or varieties of Häagen-Dazs ice cream are affected by this recall nor is Häagen-Dazs product distributed in Canada a part of this recall.

Consumers with tree nut allergies who may have purchased the product listed above should not consume the ice cream bars but instead contact Nestlé Consumer Services to arrange for replacement. Please call or text 1-800-681-1678 or email [email protected]; representatives are available 24/7.

The company is working with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration to implement this voluntary product recall. The quality and safety of Nestlé products remains our number one priority. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this action represents to both our consumers and retail customers.