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Nestlé Signs “America is All In” Declaration on Tackling Climate Change

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Today, Nestlé signed America is All In, a pledge that the company will continue to place climate considerations at the core of how it does business. Together with other businesses, government officials, investors and a broad group of societal organizations, Nestlé reaffirms its commitment to the Paris Agreement on climate change and pledges to work with the incoming administration and other federal policymakers on a national response.

Along with the other signatories, Nestlé calls on the federal government to join them in a national response to ensure our safety and prosperity by taking immediate action to:

  • Drive economic growth across every sector of the economy through job-creating sustainable investments
  • Support expanding U.S. climate leadership at home and abroad, and
  • Reimagine community partnerships to advance just and equitable climate solutions and build resilience to climate change.

“As Nestlé, we will continue to use our voice to advocate for policies that strengthen our fight against climate change,” said Molly Fogarty, Senior Vice President of Corporate & Government Affairs for Nestlé in the U.S. “We have ambitious goals, and to achieve them we need strong climate-supportive policies, such as those that expand access to renewable energy. We are driving change within our walls and beyond, and at a scale and pace that make a difference.”

The “America Is All In” declaration is organized by We Are Still In, a coalition in support for climate action and a pledge to uphold the United States commitments to reduce emissions under the Paris Agreement. With more than 3,900 organizations and institutions across all sectors of the United States, Nestlé and other signatories represent over half of the national population, nearly two-thirds of the economy, and more than half of the country’s emissions.

In 2017, Nestlé signed We Are Still In, a declaration of support for the Paris Agreement. In 2020, Nestlé doubled down on its commitment to tackle climate change outlining its detailed plan to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions.