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NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Sets GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Title to Conclude 100 Days of ‘Bake Some Good’

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NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE is proud to announce it has officially established the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the most consecutive hours of baking. To mark the final and 100th day of its #BakeSomeGood campaign, which brought together six inspirational bakers from diverse backgrounds to bake and show their appreciation for others, NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE set out to bake its way into the record books. For 25 consecutive hours, the six bakers prepared their favorite recipes, which were delivered to more than 4,000 senior citizens and people with disabilities by Meals on Wheels Chicago. Meals on Wheels Chicago is celebrating 30 years of ensuring homebound seniors and individuals with disabilities benefit from programs that improve their quality of life and maximize their independence. Together, the six NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE Bakers dedicated 100 days and delivered 100 acts of good by sharing baked goods to show their appreciation for the underappreciated and thank those whose kindness often goes unnoticed.

Throughout the #BakeSomeGood campaign, the NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE Bakers made 20,878 baked goods, spent 853 hours in the kitchen baking, traveled 14,860 miles throughout the city of Chicago and created 16,656 smiles. The baked goods were hand-delivered to community leaders big and small including, but not limited to: firefighters, meter maids, construction crews, volunteers at homeless shelters and food banks, police officers, emergency room nurses and many others as a personal expression of appreciation.

At the heart of the campaign were the six passionate change-makers who brought the #BakeSomeGood mission to life. In addition to the thousands of lives they impacted, the NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE Bakers are all walking away appreciative for the life-changing experience. Here are their highlights:

  • Sarah: Before this project, I really only baked for people that I knew. Now, I feel like I could bake for anyone and immediately find common ground with strangers while sharing a baked good. Our visit to the adoption agency was one of my favorite deliveries. Being internationally adopted, it meant so much to me to thank the behind-the-scenes staff who made life a reality for me in the U.S.
  • Eric: The #BakeSomeGood campaign gave me the opportunity to encourage the discouraged and bring hope to those who have lost it. My favorite act of good was delivering to security agents at our local airport. They were all so appreciative and verbally affirming of what we were doing. Several of them cried when we explained our mission, with one agent saying that was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for them.
  • Cherise: This journey has meant everything to me. It wasn’t just a campaign; it inspired me to keep doing good things in the world. Visiting a local youth service center was the most impactful moment for me. I was a ward of the state as a teenager and they helped me at a young age. When visiting with homemade treats, I was able to make a personal connection with one of the teenage girls at the shelter and encourage her that she can make it through tough times.
  • Kate: For me, this has been an opportunity to encourage connectivity and gratitude using baked goods as well as a chance to shine a little extra joy into the world. One of the most motivating moments was listening to a local woman share her passion for children's literacy and creating access to books for students in the Chicago Public Schools. Each delivery has been something different, from handing out cookies on the CTA trains and watching faces light up to visiting emergency room nurses to bringing cookies to the Street and Sanitation workers as they readied the city to celebrate ending a 108-year-championship drought.
  • Soyoung: This is a campaign that spoke directly to my heart. It makes me think about the impact even one person can have. The Veteran’s Day food drive was my favorite moment because it is exactly what the campaign is all about. The founder of the food drive started with a simple nudge to help those less fortunate than he is, but never dreamt it would ever become as big as it has; it all started with just one act of kindness.
  • Hayley: This has hands down been the most rewarding experience I have ever had. Although this campaign is only 100-days-long, I guarantee I will do this for life. My highlight is our involvement with a cure event to raise funds for those impacted by Crohn’s and Colitis. A cause personal to me and my chance to develop a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe aimed towards people who have a gluten intolerance or autoimmune disease.

“We are grateful that NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE has selected Meals on Wheels Chicago as its partner for the 100th day of their program,” shared David Tabak, executive director, Meals on Wheels Chicago. “Our goal is not only to help seniors and people with disabilities remain in their homes through the delivery of nutritious meals, but also enjoy the simple joys of life such as getting a home-baked treat. Our deep gratitude to Sarah, Eric, Cherise, Kate, Soyoung and Hayley and the folks at Nestlé Toll House for truly baking some good.”

The NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE bakers shared their personal experiences on the Baker’s Blog through the 100 days as well as on the @NestleTollHouse social pages. Continue this movement by sharing your act of good and using the hashtag #BakeSomeGood on social media. For information about the NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE brand and recipe ideas, visit

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