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Actress Shay Mitchell to Host New SweeTARTS Ropes ‘Get Roped In’ LIVE Dating Show

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New SweeTARTS Ropes Brings Celebrity Fans, YouTube Stars Together to Spark Electrifying Connections, Roping in Fans to Flirt and Win Group Date

Launching just in time for Valentine’s Day, the sweet and tart flavor fusion of the treat known as SweeTARTS will debut the all-new SweeTARTS® Ropes in a celebrity dating show hosted by actress Shay Mitchell. The ‘Get Roped In’ Dating Show is a one-of-a-kind, live dating experience, with fun and flirty challenges made especially for millennials used to finding connections online with just the swipe of a finger. Now, with SweeTARTS they will have the opportunity to enter the dating world offline where they will balance, dance, roll, and flirt their way to sparking a connection.

The ‘Get Roped In’ Dating Show involves three digital celebrities as contestants including Ryan Tellez of The Warp Zone, Meghan Rienks and Catherine Valdes of Catrific. Some of their biggest fans will try to spark a connection with these online personalities through a series of challenges involving SweeTARTS Ropes. Unique tests will require creative skill, ample coordination, and lip service. Winners will join their YouTube stars on a group date following the show.

“New SweeTARTS Ropes features an electrifying flavor that tastes absolutely amazing,” said actress and longtime brand fan Shay Mitchell. “I love the unexpected flavor burst of SweeTARTS Ropes, and with the ‘Get Roped In’ Dating Show, we’re showing everyone new ways to flirt and make bold connections around Valentine’s Day.”

SweeTARTS is redefining flavor with the electrifying sweet and tart taste of SweeTARTS Ropes,” said Daniela Simpson, SweeTARTS brand manager. “Inspired by this spark of bold flavor we created a one-of-a-kind dating experience timed to Valentine’s Day to spark fun and flirty connections between fans and their favorite YouTube stars. Our goal is to turn every moment into a spark of possibility that connects people together.”

SweeTARTS Ropes is the first of its kind, licorice-style candy with an electrifying flavor and a soft texture. Sold in single and shareable packages, SweeTARTS Ropes will be available in an explosive cherry flavor with punch-flavored filling for a soft, chewy treat.

SweeTARTS Ropes is now available in candy aisles of major retail stores nationwide. For more information about SweeTARTS Ropes and the SweeTARTS collection of products follow us on Twitter @SweeTARTSCandy and Tumblr #GetRopedIn #SweeTARTS.


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