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Sofía Vergara Spills Her Sassy Secrets With The Skinny Cow Brand

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How does she do it? How is that even possible? Some women keep the answers to these questions locked away, but others know that secrets are meant to be shared. That’s why the Skinny Cow brand is collecting and amplifying women’s best tips, tricks and hacks for living the good life. Kicking off the movement with actress Sofía Vergara at the Skinny Cow Secret Speakeasy in Los Angeles yesterday, the brand collected secrets from countless gal pals in attendance — and a few from Sofía herself.

“It’s important that women be able to share their secrets with their best friends in order to help each other out. I love learning from my friends and I love being able to share my tips and tricks too,” said Sofía Vergara. “One thing people don’t know about me is that my secret to living an impossibly good life is to eat dessert, every day. Dessert makes me happy and it’s all about balancing it out. I would rather eat a plain chicken breast if it means I get to enjoy a great dessert – whether it’s a Skinny Cow treat or something homemade.”

The Skinny Cow brand is doubling down on its commitment to life without compromise by partnering with Sofía to encourage fans everywhere to share their words of advice for looking and feeling their best — while pulling off the seemingly impossible.

“Secrets are the true currency of female friendships. From life hacks to beauty tips, it’s how women bond,” said Temi Osilaja Lane, Skinny Cow Brand Manager. “For more than two decades, Skinny Cow has been a delicious secret shared between girlfriends — providing an ultimate moment of indulgence without giving up a healthy lifestyle. Now, we’re excited to share even more delicious secrets with our Skinny Cow girlfriends!”

Other secrets Sofía shared at the Skinny Cow Secret Speakeasy event include:

  • “My favorite thing to do with my friends is go out to a nice dinner.  It’s the best way to catch up on good conversation and indulge.”
  • “My schedule is very hectic, so it’s important for my sanity to grab time for myself where I can. When I have an hour to wind down, I can’t resist social media on my phone— I’m especially addicted to Instagram and Twitter. I love looking at everyone's photos and comments.”

Skinny Cow has been sharing secrets with fans through massive sampling events across the nation, and now Sofía and Skinny Cow are asking fans everywhere to fuel this secret-sharing movement by using the hashtag #SkinnyCowSecret to divulge what helps them live the impossibly good life! Fans who direct message @TheSkinnyCow on Twitter using this hashtag will receive a $1 off coupon for select Skinny Cow products.

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