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Nestlé's Support for Victims of Hurricane Maria

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Arlington, VA

Our hearts go out to Hurricane Maria victims, their families and pets, and we’re working hard to support our employees and their families, pets and community in Puerto Rico.

In times of need, Nestlé works with our disaster relief partners in the United States including Feeding America, the American Red Cross and Rescue Bank, a Greater Good program, as well as local organizations to donate truckloads of bottled water, food, pet care and infant and toddler nutrition products in the affected areas. So far, we have donated six pallets of food and infant and toddler products, over 1.1 million bottles of water, and 40,000 pounds of cat and dog food, along with fuel and generators. We are also committed to sending at least eight additional shipping containers of food and water over the next month to continue to help the Puerto Rico community.

We will update this page as the situation develops.

Nestlé is committed to enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future, for individuals and families, for our thriving and resilient communities, and for the planet--especially in times of need. We are proud to collaborate with our partners on both national and local levels to contribute to the relief efforts in areas affected by natural disasters.

This page was originally published on 09/26 and was last updated on 10/11.