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Give Some Love This Valentine's Day with Unique Treats from Nestlé!

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Nestlé's collection adds a personal touch to Valentine's Day customs

Celebrate the holiday of Cupid, hearts and friendship with wallet-friendly priced treats that won't break Mom's bank. Nestlé Confections & Snacks revealed today its assortment of Valentine's Day confections available nationwide to meet Moms' needs and make everyone's day a little sweeter.

Nestlé's collection adds a personal touch to Valentine's Day customs, whether Mom is gearing up for the ever-popular classroom Valentine card exchange or making special candy-adorned treats, crafts or cards at home. This season's collection includes the NEW WONKA® Lik-M-Aid® Fun Dip Mystery Flavor Valentine Exchange Kit. Returning this year are "best-selling" Lik-M-Aid® Fun Dip Valentine Exchange Kit, Nestlé® Crunch® and Butterfinger® Hearts, WONKA's best-selling NERDS®, Pixy Stix®, or Laffy Taffy® Candy and Card Kits, WONKA SweeTARTS® Lollipops and WONKA SweeTARTS® Hearts all at budget-friendly prices.

"Valentine's Day is that special time of year when we express our love and friendship with the exchange of delightful cards and candies," said Tricia Bowles, spokesperson for Nestlé USA Confections & Snacks. "This year, we've also given Moms more of what they told us they wanted -- convenient, affordable and versatile treats that are great for school exchanges, snacking and parties."

Nestlé's expanded lineup makes it easier than ever to give friends, family or classmates a sweet Valentine's Day treat this year. The collection's highlights include:

Candy & Card Kits

Spread the love with an assortment of convenient Valentine's Day card classroom exchange kits in Nestlé Crunch and WONKA flavors that include cards made to fit these classic treats:

-- NEW SweeTARTS Candy & Card Kit; 24 pieces, 7.29 oz., SRP: $3.29

-- NEW Nestlé Crunch Minis Candy & Card Kit; 20 pieces, 7.7 oz., SRP: $3.29

-- Best-selling Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip Exchange Kit; 24 pouches, 12 oz., SRP: $3.29

-- Pixy Stix Candy & Card Kit; 32 pieces, 5.17 oz., SRP: $3.29.

-- NERDS Candy & Card Kit; 20 pieces, 9 oz., SRP: $3.29.

-- Laffy Taffy Candy & Card Kit; 24 pieces, 7.5 oz., SRP: $3.29.

NEW! WONKA Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip Mystery Flavor Valentine Exchange Kit

Kids can become tasting sleuths with the first-ever WONKA® Lik-M-Aid® Fun Dip Mystery Flavor -- packaged in a 24-piece exchange kit that includes packets designed to double as Valentine's Day cards. Try and figure out the secret flavor (we're not telling!). Available exclusively at Target.

Nestlé Crunch® and Butterfinger® Hearts

It's easier than ever to give them your heart with heart-shaped chocolate treats filled with delicious Butterfinger® or Nestlé Crunch® pieces and wrapped in a colorful pink and red foil. Available with seasonal packaging in 8- or 10-ounce bags; SRP: $2.99-3.19.

SweeTARTS® Lollipops

They're a little bit sweet, a little bit tart, but the cherry-flavored, heart-shaped SweeTARTS lollipops are every sweetheart's perfect Valentine's Day candy; 11 oz., SRP: $2.49.

SweeTARTS® Hearts

Choose from pink and purple swirled heart-shaped SweeTARTS® Hearts Gummies or SweeTARTS'® Hearts, a spin on the iconic Valentine's Day conversation heart available in your favorite sweet and tart flavors. These SweeTARTS® Hearts are perfect for decorating and snacking, or purchase them in convenient pouches ideal for classroom exchanges:

-- SweeTARTS® Hearts: 8.25 oz., 22 pouches, SRP: $2.49; and 18 oz., 44 pouches, SRP: $4.49

-- SweeTARTS® Hearts Gummies: 11 oz., SRP: $2.49

Other Valentine's Day products offered by Nestlé include the NEW 35-piece Chocolate & Sugar Exchange Bag (21.45 oz., SRP: $4.99); a value-priced assortment of chocolate and sugar-candy favorites--Nestlé Crunch®, NERDS®, Gobstoppers® and Butterfinger®, the NEW Nestlé Chocolate Minis Bag (18.5 oz., SRP $4.99); perfect little bites of Nestlé Crunch®, Butterfinger® and Baby Ruth®, 36-piece Valentine NERDS (18.7 oz., SRP: $4.49); tiny, tangy, crunchy candy now available in limited-edition strawberry and punch flavors; 40-piece WONKA Mix-Ups® Treat Size Bag® (18.7 oz., SRP $4.49); Your WONKA favorites-- Laffy Taffy®, BottleCaps® and NERDS® all in one variety bag.

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