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Nestlé in the U.S. Reaffirms Commitment to Responsible Water Management During World Water Week

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New York, NY

Annual World Water Week

With the 20th Annual World Water Week underway, Nestlé in the United States is reaffirming its commitment to responsible water management business practices.

“Water availability – both quantity and quality – touches our business in a number of ways,” said Heidi Paul, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Nestlé Waters North America. “As part of recognition of World Water Week, Nestlé in the United States is reinforcing our commitment to improving the quality of our water management processes – both in our operations and in the communities where we do business.”

Nestlé is participating in World Water Week in a number of ways including:

  • During World Water Week, Nestlé SA will join hundreds of water experts, practitioners, decision makers and leaders from around the world in Stockholm, Sweden to exchange ideas, foster new thinking and develop solutions for responsibly managing the world’s clean water supply.
  • On September 6th, Nestlé participated in the High Level Panel discussion on “Water Quality Challenge - Prevention, Wise Use and Abatement” with other global thought leaders.
  • On September 8th, Nestlé will join other members of the 2030 Water Resources Group in a seminar entitled Charting Our Water Future: Pathways and Tools to Reform at which they will share an important report: “Charting Our Water Future: Economic frameworks to inform decision-making.

Some facts about Nestlé’s global commitment to water management include:

  • By working efficiently, Nestlé’s operations account for less than 0.005 percent of fresh-water use globally. Between 2004-2009, Nestlé Waters reduced water use by 20% globally.
  • Nestlé S.A. is a founding member of the CEO Water Mandate, a United Nations Global Impact initiative with a focus on developing strategies and solutions to positively contribute to the emerging global water crisis.
  • Over the past five years, Nestlé Waters North America reduced water consumption in its factories, using less water than any other packaged beverage to produce its products.
  • Nestlé Waters North America participates in the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable and leads their Water Committee in establishing a scientific basis for water- accounting.
  • For over 15 years, Nestlé Waters North America’s sponsorship of Project WET has provided teacher, student and community training workshops on water-resource topics. Active in every state, this water-education program has reached more than 23 million students and 150,000 teachers.

    We invite you to learn more about Nestlé’s commitment to water management, by visiting the  Water & Environmental Sustainability section of our website

    Nestlé’s business model is based on the principle of Creating Shared Value – the belief that for its business to prosper in the long term, it must create value for our shareholders, customers, consumers and society at large. A sound society depends on natural resources, and a core component of Creating Shared Value is ensuring that the company is environmentally responsible and mindful of water resources.

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