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Healthy hydration

Our commitment: Advocate for Water as a Top Choice for Healthy Hydration


By 2016 – Continue to raise awareness of the importance of healthy hydration through our participation in the Partnership for a Healthier America Drink Up initiative.

By 2016 – Continue to share the Healthy Hydration Toolkit, a compilation of scientific research, trends, and tools developed by registered dietitians (RDs) for RDs. Reach more than 25,000 RDs with the toolkit as a resource to help their clients and communities consider healthy hydration choices.

By 2017 – Continue to share research on the projected health benefits of thoughtful beverage choices and advocate for water consumption as an important part of a balanced diet.

Our Progress

We seek to help build healthier generations by sharing our knowledge of hydration habits and promoting water from any source as a top choice for hydration by individuals and families. National nutrition data reveal that about 20% of our daily calories—and nearly half of our added sugars—come from beverages1. We continue to raise awareness of the importance of healthy hydration as part of healthy lifestyles through communications and outreach to health professionals, individuals, and families. In 2016, Nestlé Waters North America met its goal of reaching more than 25,000 registered dietitians with its Healthy Hydration Toolkit, which features scientific information and tips to help individuals make informed decisions that can positively impact their lifestyle.

Activities like the Nestlé® PURE LIFE® 8-ounce Share-a-Smile™ label design contest are aimed at helping parents make water a fun and easy option for their children.

The contest asked parents to have their kids draw what makes them smile and had parents submit their kids’ drawings for a chance to have the artwork featured on commercially-produced labels, win a $25,000 scholarship, a trip to Universal Studios Orlando or water for a year. The kid-designed pack featuring eight winning designs by young artists hit shelves in March of 2017.

In 2017, we plan to share research on the benefits of thoughtful beverage choices, as we continue to work with health professionals and other leaders who can advocate for water consumption as one strategy to reduce added sugars and calories in the American diet.

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