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Inspiring People

Nestlé for Healthier Kids

Nestlé’s global flagship initiative, Nestlé for Healthier Kids, launched in the United States on May 15, 2018. Globally, Nestlé for Healthier Kids uses Nestlé’s industry-leading innovation to support families in raising healthier kids, with the goal of helping 50 million children worldwide live healthier lives by 2030. A critical component of the global campaign is accelerating the implementation of grassroots programs to better equip parents and caregivers with nutritional knowledge and practical tips.

To make this education a reality, Nestlé has implemented Start Healthy, Stay Healthy—an educational program that provides childhood nutrition guidance for the first 1,000 days. Stemming from a collaboration between the Nestlé, the YMCA, and Rutgers University, the program includes six training modules that teach participating families evidence-based practices to ensure the health and nutrition of young children. The program was successfully piloted in the Newark, New Jersey-area and will now spread to more YMCA locations across New Jersey and beyond.

Nestlé also supports Too Small To Fail with Gerber’s donation of 50,000 nutrition themed bilingual books including At the Farmer’s Market, Munch, Crunch Snacks & Lunch, Cooking with You through the National Black Child Development Institute and the National WIC Association.

Providing Nutrition Information

Supporting Nutrition Policy

Nestlé has made a continuous effort to improve our product labels to meet consumers’ desire to know key ingredients and where their food comes from, as well as accommodate changing consumer preferences.

  • We are participating in SmartLabel™ , a labeling initiative aimed at providing consumers—via their smartphones—instant access to detailed information on thousands of products.
  • We adopted the Facts Up Front labeling system to provide a consistent and simple guide to nutrition information on the front of food and beverage packaging. By the end of 2016, Nestlé added the Facts Up Front label to 93% of applicable products and is on track to hit 100% in 2017.
  • We offer portion guidance options across our portfolio, with 95% of Nestlé USA products delivering portion guidance by the end of 2016, nearing our goal of 100%.
  • We created our Thoughtful Portion™ box in the Nestlé Nutritional Compass® to provide a consistent location for all relevant products to provide an on-pack portion suggestion.

Supporting Breastfeeding

Supporting Breastfeeding

We continue to uphold our commitment to market breastmilk substitutes responsibly. In addition to ensuring we’re doing what’s right for individuals and families, we’ve looked inward to ensure we’re doing right by moms and dads in the Nestlé family.

  • We're ensuring that the practices of the Nestlé Nutrition business consistently meets the FTSE4Good Index BMS criteria in line with the requirements for Low-Risk Countries.
  • Our Parent Support Policy, implemented as of January 2016, offers 14 weeks of paid leave for primary caregivers of newborns, with the option of extending unpaid leave up to six months. We renovated some of the existing lactation rooms and expanded the number of lactation rooms in our offices and factory locations.
  • Through UnitedHealthcare, new moms and dads have access to experienced, specialized maternity nurses who provide education, support, and special care based on the family’s unique needs.

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