Compliance Reporting

Our commitment: Provide Effective Grievance Mechanisms to Employees and Stakeholders


By 2016 – Reinforce awareness of the existence of confidential reporting lines across the organization.

Our progress

The Nestlé Corporate Business Principles reflect our commitment to a strong compliance culture as a non negotiable part of how we do business. Through our Code of Business Conduct and Supplier Code, we encourage employees, suppliers an stakeholders to report practices or actions believed to be inappropriate or illegal, and we assess and investigate these reports and respond as appropriate. To promote transparency, more information on this type of activity is available in the global Nestlé in Society: Creating Shared Value Report.

In March 2016, Nestlé announced a partnership with the Issara Institute, a nonprofit specializing in worker voice and grievance mechanisms. The partnership will help drive improvements in conditions by providing workers with a new channel to voice their concerns.