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Nestlé brands join 40 other companies in supporting the How2Recycle initiative, designed to keep recoverable materials out of landfills and support Municipal Recycling Facilities in making the best use of those materials.

The How2Recycle label is a project of GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), developed to provide clear and concise on-package recyclability information:



Nestlé’s adoption of the How2Recycle Label supports our commitment to our consumers that we will contribute to initiatives that recover used packaging, and increase the use of recycled materials where there is an environmental benefit, and thus improve the environmental footprint of our products.



Nestlé USA is committed to phase-in the How2Recycle label onto many of our products in the upcoming months. The How2Recyle initiative at Nestlé aligns with The Nestle Policy on Environmental Sustainability.

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