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California Water Management

We respect everyone’s right to free speech. After hearing about the planned protest, we reached out to the organizers to open a dialog, to listen to their concerns and to answer questions. 
Nestlé has stated for years that water is a human right and that everyone, everywhere in the world, has the right to clean, safe water for drinking and sanitation.  Nestlé is also strongly committed to responsible water management and fully share concerns about water use and availability, especially during times of drought.  Water efficiency, sustainability and conservation are integral values of our business.  Through 2013, Nestlé reduced direct water use in every product category, achieving an overall reduction per ton of product of 33% since 2005. Nestlé's commitments to water and sustainability have been recognized by groups like Oxfam and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and highlighted at events like the United Nations Climate Week summit.
Nestlé Waters across the U.S. has a proven track record as a leader in reducing our environmental footprint through responsible production, packaging, manufacturing, transport and water sourcing. We have reduced the plastic in our bottlesimproved energy efficiency and taken other measures resulting in a nearly 20 % reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per ton of product since 2007. 
In Sacramento, Nestlé Waters North America purchases water from the city just like all other light industrial users and has no special arrangement. We pay the same rate for the water we use as all other businesses in the same tier, and we comply with reporting requirements for the water we use in the city of Sacramento. 

Nestlé Waters’ Sacramento plant employs 55 people and produces one of the most water efficient beverages that Californians can drink.  The fact is, whether you get it from the tap or bottle, water is the healthiest way to hydrate. Bottled water is also critical in emergencies and natural disasters, when normal water supplies are disrupted. Here in California, Nestlé Waters supports local watershed restoration and water education programs partnering with environmental and civic groups such as the American River Parkway Foundation, the Southern California Mountains Foundation, and the Inland Empire Water Keepers.
Nestlé Waters employs almost 1,800 full time and seasonal employees in the state.  The majority of the water we bottle is sold here in the State, nearly 80%.  We are committed to open communication and welcome dialog about our company’s practices, our adherence to reporting requirements, and the responsible use of water in the communities in which we operate.
Learn more about bottled water's water use from the International Bottled Water Association.