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Nestlé in Wisconsin

Nestlé USA in Wisconsin

Our Wisconsin story begins in 1962 in Medford, where two brothers, Ron and Joe Simek, started serving pizza to their patrons at the Tombstone Tap (so named because it faced the local cemetery). The pizzas were an instant success, and the brothers began freezing and selling them to local businesses out of their 1959 Cadillac. And thus, Tombstone Pizza was born. In 2010, we welcomed them into the Nestlé family, and ever since, Nestlé has deepened its ‘hometown’ roots in Wisconsin: from purchasing milk products from local dairy farmers to producing product for over 15 brands in facilities across the state.

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Nestlé USA Community Engagement

Nestlé in Wisconsin and its employees are dedicated community neighbors and community members, partnering with local non-profit organizations and engaging in service initiatives across the state to bring good food, good life to Wisconsin residents. For example, employees at Purina’s Jefferson manufacturing facility donate pet care products to over 40 pet welfare organizations and shelters a year. Here’s a glimpse of what Nestlé volunteers do in Wisconsin.

USO bike build volunteer event
Community Table Volunteer Event
Humane Society Revamp Volunteer Event
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