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Why do you plan to bottle water in Phoenix, Arizona?

Why do you plan to bottle water in Phoenix, Arizona?

Why do you plan to bottle water in Phoenix, Arizona?

By operating closer to local customers and consumers, Nestlé Waters North America will reduce its carbon footprint. Despite its arid location, the city of Phoenix provides renewable water supplies to municipal users, and carefully monitors withdrawals to safeguard the environment for the long term.

How will you ensure that your facility does not harm the environment?

We’re investing USD 35 million in a new environmentally friendly (LEED Silver-certified) facility. We’ll ensure that this operates as sustainably as possible. For example, water recovery systems will help meet the factory’s needs, while solar panels will power its front office.

Careful water stewardship is the key to running a sustainable business, wherever Nestlé Waters North America operates. We’re working closely with the city of Phoenix authorities to ensure that we’re a responsible water user, and that our operations have a positive impact.

How much water will you use?

We expect to buy 35 million gallons of water each year from the city of Phoenix. This represents 0.035% of the city’s total water usage, according to 2014 data from the Arizona Department of Water Resources. Every year we will voluntarily make public the amount of water we require to operate.

How much will you pay for the water?

We will pay the same publically available rate as all other metered commercial water customers.